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I wrote a book and published it through iUniverse that appeared as high as #11 on An Amazon list based on sales. I have received some royalty payments and continue to receive them 8 years later, however, I have never believed Ive received all the royalties due to me.

I have seen my book for sale all over the world on multiple websites and platforms. The book has received reviews similar to the world renowned Peter Benchley book Jaws, yet my royalties total just hundreds of dollars?

Be very wary of this outfit. Short of a court order to show book sales, you will likely never get what you are due.

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We should ban together and do class action. My royalty check from them was $1.17.

There is no possible scenario where that amount would ever be correct based on the percentage I get from sales.

This is basically a payment for less than 1 book sale worldwide. Iuniverse = Iscamaverse


So rewrite and publish on Amazon kindle. If you are what you say you are, then why dwell on this one book?

Make a spin off, write into short stories for screen. Put in the joyful hats.



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