Salem, Oregon

I published with iUniverse in 2012, and had a decent experience, given that I was totally inexperienced in publishing. They did keep hounding me for promo events, but that stopped when I asked them to.

I do still get small royalty checks and recently ordered copies of my book, with the publisher's discount.

The quality was good, though I needed to have proofed it better before submitting, since I ended up having to pay extra for some much need corrections to typos. Overall, a positive experience (especially once they stopped bugging me to market the book)

Product or Service Mentioned: Iuniverse Publishing Service.

Reason of review: Good quality.

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How much of a net gain have you made? and how much have you paid this company?

My mother has spent over 10 thousand dollars on this company a year ago and has yet to receive any royalties. She was told her book was so good it could be a publishers choice or something like that. They would take a couple thousand from her then keep stringing her along on how great the book was if she gave them more money.

What was so great about your experience. Did you pay them little and are receiving herds of royalties?


Please contact the Indiana Attorney General they will send you a form to fill out . The more complaints they get we are all likely to out money back the phone number is 317-232-6330.

Please call. At this time you have nothing to lose only to gain

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