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I received royalties at first when friends and family bought on their (IUniverse) website. Amazon, Barnes and Nobel all sold my books (published 2 in 2014).

These books were supposedly purchased by Lightening but this quickly dried up. I purchased 6 on line myself from Amazon and low and behold no royalties. I purchased 200 kindel cards to give away at shows and no results. I confronted IUniverse and they wanted proof of my purchase so I went to my account from 6 months prior and printed the purchase an delivery.

They were shocked but again said they would take care of it and never did even after repeated inquiries by me.

People I meet still buy from Amazon but I never receive royalties now. They still call me for promotions and I foolishly spent well over $30,000 and since 2014 my total royalties are less than $300.00.

Product or Service Mentioned: Iuniverse Publishing Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $33000.

Iuniverse Cons: Did not reveive royalties, Poor product marketing, Did not receive royalties.

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wrote a book in 2009. Never heard from them afterwards.

Finally in 2017 I get a call from someone from IUNIVERSE stating my book was nor selling and they wanted to promote it for $1,500.00 .

I told them I had never received any royalties for my book since 2009. They ignored that bit of important information and continued an immoral and despicable sells pitch.

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