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My book was published before the final review. I sold and signed more books than royalties paid to me.

My complaint in writing was answered by a phone call stating my book was passed from one person to another. Why then was my signature non-existent on the books? I was told to send them a list of people who purchased my book. What are they kidding?

Books were bought by people on line, out of the country and through Barnes and Noble. IUniverse still doesn't leave me alone five years later, including phone calls and emails.

My second book was printed by another company and I have three more finished novels and looking for an honest publisher.

Product or Service Mentioned: Iuniverse Publishing Service.

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Try gooseriver press. They are a traditional publisher.

They truly try to establish you as a writer. They are located in Waldoboro, ME. They take %10 percent. For reasons of my own, it's worth it.

Although they have strict guidelines. Albertballzfitzgotz Lombardo