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The companies a *** joke, they purposely talked fast over the numbers and with normal words they talked average speed, i hung up, she called me back right away which seemed odd, its like they didnt want me to realize what they did was fishy, but i answered anyway...
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iUniverse only reaches out to those who provide their personal information and request for us to contact them. If you are no longer interested in hearing from us, please send me your name and I will see to it that a do not call note is added to your account. You can send that directly to



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Poor customer service
iunivers is trying to tell me that my 4 time best selling cook book soups for all seasons.have only sold 5 copy's world wide in 2 years.And will not send me a pass word to check on sales.can any one stop this company from scamming others.i spent a lot of time...
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People can see on novel rank that they have sales on Amazon that these scam companies like iuniverse won't pay out on. Amazon reveals to EVERYONE when they have sales so iuniverse lies are proven to be lies.

A non scam company wouldn't need authors to "prove" anything there would have records of sales. But these author solutions scam companies all pay rock bottom royalties on books after scamming people of thousands even if they do pay out the royalties are as low as the lowest paying traditional publisher.

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Iuniverse are crooks i have not got a statement in 13 months

Im chef Brad McCrorie.I rereleaced one of my cook books with Iuniverse.I have not gotten a statement from them on the sale of my book,soups for all seasons.they are crooks.From the net i know we are best sellers at towers selling well at AMOZON Chapters.We have to go to court to get paid.There fast talking cohns.I sighned the canstrack paid there fee and the deel was that we would get a statement every 4 and 6 months.That never hapend.We talked to every one there all most.Just the same run a round
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Myself and several others are planning to file a class action lawsuit against iUniverse. Anyone who is interested in joining this suit please email me at


Kevin Weiss has not sent me a statement in 13 months for soups for all seasons.The whole company a thinking the IRS will be called :(

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