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What started as me fulfilling my dream has to this point brought about disaster to my bank account and the treatment has brought me unbridled rage. I was told my package would have everything I would ever need.

I wasn't informed that my package did not include hard cover purchase option, only 5 free copies of my book rather than the 20 I needed. This was just the tip of the ice burge. I was not provided a cover artist and would need to either provide my own cover or shovel out more cash and I would also have to pay to have my novel edited which raises the question what am i paying for with the monthly fees. Every single time I have tride to voice my complaints my handler just hands me off to another handler.

Ive also given them the times I can take calls and they ignore it without regard. And to top it all off I gave them a set date to bill me on every month. They ignore said instructions and charge me when I have nothing in my account then they charge me extra for the declined fee.

DO NOT USE IUNIVERSE!! They are worthless and want nothing but your money

Iuniverse Cons: It is all sale and no service, I universe, Costs and fees, Misleading and fraudulent practice.

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Hello, and thanks for your message. We're sorry to hear that you've had a poor experience with us.

Have you tried contacting our Customer Service department at 1-800-AUTHORS, to have your issues rectified?

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