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I spent $3000 dollars on a marketing package as this was my first book and I was unsure how to market the book effectively. I received one book review in a minor publication for that amount. Since then I've begun to self promote through social media and I have a 5 star...
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here IS Tad & Vicki's real address - they do NOT live in whiteland. they left there years ago.

12225 Wayside Rd Indianapolis, IN 46256

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I the author, refuse to publish the junk their editorial handed me. I, in trust of their editing capability pay their price. Why, I ask myself that same question, now. After editing, I'm sent an internal book block. I understand giving me the opportunity to make...
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Iuniverse Publishing Service

IUniverse self-publishing over-rides my authority.

In trust I Used their costly service to edit my book. After editing they send to me interior book blocks, meaning...I'm to make changes/corrections, there's and mine. Changes that's okay,.but to correct their errors or point them out...cone on. After making changes and corrections, your charged additionally to re edit. WHAT. Manuscript cut by 1-third, words ran together, grammar errors, gaps between words in most lines. I fought with them and gave in. I wanted something for my $1800, I told them to finish production but DO NOT PUBLISH THIS TRASH, not with my name on it, not being my first book. I found out yesterday...7/30/12 that my book is live and for sale. I'm the Author, they have no authority. needles to say, Integrity. iUnivers has no regards to the quality of work or clients they publish, and with their name written all on it. I'll now have to publish (not with them) under a fictitious name, and will not be recognized as an Author. Punitive damage. I again am in the ring with them. This time I'm hiring a Ref. Signed Bolo
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Well, Peter. Mine was the premier Package, still the idiots can't edit.

Do you think your comment will sell us? Your talking to people / victims here. Liars - yes they (iuniverse ) are. I was told my novella would be priced at $4.50, try 65 pages for $8.95?

They don' t care that your book sits dormant. I saw the other day where they got sued for over 1 million dollars due to editing literature for schools, something of that nature.

Pete,send me your work, I'm just as qualified to edit. I don't mean to pick on you, but come on.


The guy commenting works for iunvierse and is a scam artist and a liar trying to get people to pay for even more expensive ***


They will publish your book because I found out they use the books to launder money for organized crime gangs. All the corrupt and terrible things they do to clients are just the tip of the iceberg.

Other names for this company Xlibris, Author Solutions, Balboa Press. All the same scammers


I just read your remarks concerning iUniverse. I've published two books through them and am currently republishing the first.

I've found their services to be first class. The fact the the original two books were published still containing a host of errors was no fault of theirs - you get what you pay for and I chosen the cheapest option!!! The second time round I opted for the comprehensive editing package other than the book doctor.

Yes, it is expensive but the result is amazing. While they may have made constructive suggestions, they certainly never 'over-rode' my authority.

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