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Reviews of self publishing houses often give iUniverse high ratings. But that was before they were purchased by a holding company. Since then, their services have maddeningly deteriorated. The former reviews do not apply.

In early 2009, iUniverse was purchased by a venture capital firm. The new holding company president immediately ordered iUniverse to move its equipment and people from Lincoln, Nebraska to Bloomington, Indiana. Over half of the highly trained staff refused to relocate. The president and CEO of iUniverse resigned. The new staff seem to be young with no experience in publishing.

Because of the untrained staff, and because of the delays that resulted from the move, books are not being published in the "intended" time of 90 days. There is a tremendous backlog. Mine has been delayed six months. Further, staff give you different information, cannot tell you when a problem will be resolved, and they make frequent mistakes. Their store software (where you can purchase the books) crashes frequently and contains many bad links. There does not seem to be any way to resolve problems when a staff person gives you poor service.

My book at this point seems to be of professional quality (but oh, the hammering to get it to this point). Will iUniverse have problems with marketing and fulfillment? Almost certainly, as the best predictor of future performance is past.

Product or Service Mentioned: Iuniverse Publishing Service.

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Do not pay for any marketing or promotion with iuniverse. Non of them work and that's how they scam more and more money out of people for nothing.

They are part of Author Solutions which has links with the Mafia. All scam. You will never be paid any royalties.

And what's worse you could have done it allfor free with kobo writing life. Putting books into print is a complete waste of money for a self publisher but people are making a LOT of money through self publishing.


You can self publish for free with Kobo writing life. Google it *** want.


Two years ago or maybe more I received a packet from iUniverse that looked promising. Having overcome some obstacles I'm ready to finish what I started.

I decided to check them out again and I'm glad I did. Does anyone know who is the best and most honest self publishing house in the country or abroad. I've searched many reviews these last few days and am not pleased.

Someone please help me. Thanks!


kobo writing life. It is free.

Createspace is about $30 for print but print is a waste of time and money for self publishers all the money for self publishers is ebook.

Almost all the other companies are run by the same company that runs iunivese it's a huge multinational scam company with many many different names that hoodwinks more people. They have Mafia backing and launder books for the Mafia.


Myself and several others are planning to file a class action lawsuit against iUniverse. Anyone who is interested in joining this suit please email me at


Myself and several others are planning to file a class action lawsuit against iUniverse. Anyone who is interested in joining this suit please email me at


Are your actions at iUniverse unnecessary. We'll talk here tomorrow. You scam artist.


Is that unnecessary?


Okay. Do you have the gonads to be here on this site tomorrow?


Yea, i'm a bit riled as well. Listen.

as i have promised many a time, i will see to it that we make this right. Okay.


Excuse my spelling, but you've got me riled. You are clueless as to what it means to all of us to have a book published. We work hard.


Hey you. I'm here every day sitting on my a..doing nothing.

Do you think for one minute that i don't have my rather in life. I have the right to not care about your wishes and dreams to come true by having a *** book be published.

How dare you Mr. Me.


I don't want to work, i just want paid.


and what are you stating?


My point is. you hat iuniverse have the jog i've always dreamed of.


Hey Mr. me.

If you can't yet tell, we here at iUniverse are professionalism at we do.

You didn't pay us for your opinion. You just paid us.

@iuniverse.*** S.P

You can't even speak English. You aren't remotely professional.

You are a scam company. You scam people end of story.m


Hi Robin. Ignore iuniverse.*** S.P.

he's a paid spoke person, an affiliate of iUniverse. I as well have a sore Orifice.

Contrary to thanking them for the pain, i'm sore at them. I have your answer, if only i knew how to tell you off this site.


Robin. Please don't retract your submissions.

We promise to keep on the limb. Leaves will soon be green. Please hold on. Spring is around the corner.

Robin, WE promise to make this right. You've trusted us two years now, whats another one going to hurt.


Same here. The last two years have been a nightmare.

I have four books with them and I am cancelling all of them now. Try amazons POD service, that is where I am now.

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