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Endless, non stop phone calls and e mails from these vultures, trying to sell services, even if you've already made it very clear you aren't interested. One effective way to stop the calls is to cancel your agreement, at which time nobody will ever contact you again, no matter how often you call or e mail requesting information regarding your cancelled contract.

If you want to publish your book and market it yourself, forget it. They can't make enough money from you that way, so they'll make it as difficult as possible, and ignore your phone calls and e mails. The only way to maintain continuous contact with this company is to be dumb enough to fall for their marketing schemes. If you try to market your book to a traditional publisher later, they will drop you instantly when you mention that IUniverse has had anything to do with your project.

If you are an aspiring author, maybe slightly lacking in self confidence, they will complete the task, and drive every shred of self confidence right out of you. Stick with these people long enough and their actions will convince you to never write again. Any 'consultant' you are acquainted with will change at some point, as the constantly revolving door of changing staff spits your representative out, to be replaced by someone else who hasn't yet had their fill of deceiving wishful people.

Most of your project information will rarely be passed on to your new representative, so they will have no clue what you have already agreed to, or disagreed with. Probably the most frustrating waste of time and money I've ever experienced.

Product or Service Mentioned: Iuniverse Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I've completed my manuscript and I'm thankful for all the reviews. This company has contacted me numerous times to publish my book and I'm glad I called BBB and looked at all the reviews before making a huge investment. I'm a teacher in Oklahoma City and we do not have money to throw away like that.

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