Pacifica, California

I'm the author of AS TIME GOES BY. After posting my last complaint in this site iU Customer Support gave me an address to access to get info on my withheld royalties, Sales and Royalties, also View Sales History, but when I tried that found it was a site to fill up info if I wanted to publish a book with IU.

So in frustration started searching for the last complaint I posted here and am delighted to say it had 22 hits. Thank U. Now will U pls also post Ur comments? I need them.

Meantime back to iU on Monday.

Look forward to getting Ur comments. Thank U.

Product or Service Mentioned: Iuniverse Customer Care.

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Like so many of the others who have complained, I agree that I-Universe has morphed into a consumer unfriendly and difficult company to work with. I now have a book with them and have paid nearly $4,000 over a five month period and have seen nothing but stalling, ineptitude, and borderline incompetence from those persons assigned to work with me on my book.

They make promises to contact me and don't do what they say they will do. Today is another example of that. Their service agreement is legalize mumbo jumbo. I will seek an attorney in Bloomington to confront this horrendous company.

Too bad.

A few years ago I published a book with them and had a good experience. Not so presently!


iuiverse are a scam company they report one twentieth of the sales and keep the left. Also you have to realize iuniverse only pays 20% net on ebooks so they can claim everything as net and then pay nothing on sales.

But yeah they are all about 'prove it" We are huge with lots of money from our connections with organized crime rings and money laundering so we can get away with anything


I think the thing is that Author Solutons companies Xlibris and all the other scam companies iuniverse. They never had to bother paying anyone to handle royatlies originally because no one sold anything, but now it's so easy to put every book into online stores Xlbiris and Author Solutoions upload them all charging a fortune for something taht can be done for free and people using keywords sometimes actually randomly buy these books from the online stores, but Xlibris etc...

have no one employed to pay out royalties they just have the fat cat CEOs and the sales reps, not one really has a job with them other than sales reps it never mattered in the past because they only sold the print books back to the authors themselves but now some are actually selling as ebook and they just ignore that, and pretend it's not happening.

Although just because your book is for sale everywhere online doesn't actually mean people are buying it everywhere online. Xlbris over prices all the books to try and make sure they don't sell so they don't have to bother since the attempt to make money is all in selling fradulent fake marketing packages that don't work to the wannabe authors.


I mean both Author Solutions and Xlibris and all the scam Author Solutions scam companies.


My name is Wayne Anthany Pope of devil angels gods children published July 16 of 2013. I haven't had an issue but than again I haven't received any type of royalties yet and my book is on over 300 plus sites around the world.

I don't have any negative complaints at this time but with the over taking of Penguin Books I can understand why I have not receive payment at this time. I have at least several more books I believe that will do just as good or better.

I hope that I never have to write negativity about Iuniverse Publishing. They done an excellent job with my Book n Cover...very amazing.


Lol at you with a scam vanity publisher for moronic wannabes not real authors. Real Authors get paid.

Penguin bought them ages ago as a place to send all the mor-ons whose work wasn't good enough to be scammed while Penguin only publishes the people who are actually good writers and pays them doesn't ask those people for money but they wanted to figure out how to make money from all the talentless wannabes so they bought Author Solutions.Penguin thinks talented wannabes that can't write deserve to be scammed. Google "The Author Explotiation Business" for more info.


You're a *** *** that can't even form a cohearent sentence. The reason you aren't being paid is because, using dialect that you might understand, Ur stupd.

@I got a comment

And you are an iuniverse/ Author Solutions sales rep desperately frustrated that the scam is being more and more exposed


I published two books with iuniverse this year and the time for montly sales reports has come - false sales reports posted! I have proof and have challenged them but they give giving flimsy excuses like and UK do not post accurate sales and follow no orderly manner. But these are not the only check and balances I had put in place. Because of the negative publicity I had read from other authors I set up check and balances to corner them.

I am interested in a class action!

Author of 'Gazed on by angels in flight: Victoria Falls' and 'Exorcism of the demon child: African Ndoki'.


I published my novel, Row Well and Live, in January 2011 with IUniverse. Since then and despite paying more than $5000 for publicity plans, I have received only about $11.95 in royalties.

IUniverse claims that only about 30 books have been reported sold. This cannot be correct, but, even if it is, it works out to only a few cents earned by me on each book sold. these people are crooks.

They do a nice job is printin your ms. is all you want, but if you want to effectively publicize your book and make some money, IUniverse and its schemes is to be avoided.


Myself and several others are planning to file a class action lawsuit against iUniverse. Anyone who is interested in joining this suit please email me at

@Justin Nutt

I published 'The Killer and the Prosecutor' with iUniverse in 2010 and have received one check of I think nine dollars. This book is on sale all over the world including the UK and Australia.

Yesterday my granddaughter showed it to me on ebay.

Why don't we engage in a class action suit against iUniverse? I have just completed another book and intend to use CreateSpace to publish it.


I am the author of "Kill Me Now!"

iUniverse told me in December that according to their sales, I had sold 25 books. In the Q4 2011 royalties, they claim that I had only sold 12 books

John D

Hey people, chill. I'm their new spokes person.

If you have a problem or are frustated, talk to me, i'll tell you what you want to her. "It's about my royalties." I'll have to transfer you. Accounting, "Why, if my books are selling, i'm i not receiving my royalties?" Have you checked you mailbox in say...the past nine months. I personally sent you a $14 check Mr.

Doe. "My name is Mr.

Smith." Well...there you go than. Click.


Gene, they are not reporting properly. Very fishy business.

They are telling us that there have been no sales. I was next to a friend when he received the book that he purchased from their site.

When I queried, iUiverse said - prove it


I, too, am wondering if I-Universe is reporting book sales properly. If anyone starts a class action suit, please contact me and I will be happy to entertain joining in with them.

Someone needs to obtain the power to audit their books. (I am listed in the phone book in Stockton, CA.)

Gene Beley, author, Ray Bradbury Uncensored!


Lets file a class action lawsuit against iuniverse they are crooks. Had it with the shi.

It's time to fight back. I save all my emails and recorded conversations and told them. I have enough to burry them ,but class action is the best recourse which several solicitors told me...

Lets Kick....... Christopher please contact me.


Iuniverse are not honest it's almost impossible to get royalties and they have pulled alot of shi it with me. It is time to stick together anf file a class action lawsuit.


Considering publishing with Iuniverse. Please advise. Are there any good experiences out there?


I was just told by iUniverse.That i have sold 12 books in in 13 months.On Google towers say we are a best seller and doing great at indigo amazon Powell and over 50 more book out lets.Kevin Weiss the CEO was fired from his last job for steeling stocks.iUniverse is just one big scam

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