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AuthorHouse and iUniverse are the same company now. beware.

iUniverse/AuthorHouse ranks among the top five companies for inefficiency

I submitted a manuscript (Echoes Through Time) for publication on April 17, 2008. It is now August 7, 2008 and I am still in the author proof phase.

I have encountered the most ridiculous obstacles. I will mention only the "highlights". I had to submit the initial Manuscript 3 times due to "technology". Yes, that was the exact excuse given.

Once the manuscript (submitted in WordPerfect, listed as acceptable in iUniverse submission guidelines) was received, my author rep informed me that they did not accept Word Pad documents. I responded that wpd indicated a Word Perfect document not Word Pad. After 3 emails, and explaining this over and over again, and insisting this was in their own guidelines I gave up and spent another $30 to have them "correct" my mistake.

I sent in the revised manuscript after "editorial evalution". The evaluator seemed more concerned with the "blank spaces between paragraphs-- iUniverse somehow removed my hiatus marks; my personal choice to use first person in certain sections; and font choices". These were the concerns voiced, very helpful right?

One month later I was informed that they had not received the revised manuscript and, by the way, my author rep had left the company.

Yep, had resubmit the whole lot again, wait 3 more weeks to get the proofs back.

You guessed it... over 50 "publisher errors" in addition to my 20. The publisher errors included deletion/addition of paragraph indents, removal/addtion of italics, run-on sentences, squashed together type and removal of paragraph spacing on back cover copy. And, my original design cover was no where to be seen. The Design Team had graciously created a brand new cover for me!!

Well, I sent in the multi-page proof-form, protested the cover etc. When I got the final galley back last week, 7 of the orginal errors had not been corrected. And, a few new ones emerged within the original errors.

In other words, if you have the patience of Job go ahead and use iUniverse/AuthorHouse.

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Myself and several others are planning to file a class action lawsuit against iUniverse. Anyone who is interested in joining this suit please email me at nutt.justin@gmail.com

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