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I didn't want to publish any longer due to seeing bad reviews. So I keep telling them to stop contacting me cause I no longer want to publish.

But this lady kept on going on and on and on about how she wants to let me get started and asked me how much I've written. And I kept on saying, "LADY! I DON'T WANNA PUBLISH ANY LONGER! DO YOU NOT GET IT?!

OH RIGHT! YOU ONLY WANT MY MONEY!" They kept on telling me over and over "Hey, we're going to give you this free membership for 30 days let us use your card so after 30 days you get charged 9.99 per month," I kept on saying again, I no longer wanna publish. And they said, there's no rush in publish. And I said again, I don't wanna publish.

And they kept on, oh my god. I wanted to become a poet. But after reading reviews about what they did to the writing of most of these people. I've never heard of any of the books they've published.

Most of the books are probably great ideas but shaped into a weird business and robotic way. I'm 19 but I like to write in a teen-like youthful way. So, my book isn't for professionals (which is who they said is gonna buy the book). I don't want that.

I want people to buy it. Random crowds who feel the passion I feel for poetry and books. Not some hired professional. On top of that, when I first talked to them, they told me they published the conjuring...the *** The conjuring is an old book!

It's published wayyyyy back then. So. They embarassed themselves and made me laugh and embarass my *** off to even try to cooperate with this company who kept on trying to get my credit card information. They were asking it like little kids asking for lunch money.

As if money grew on trees. Especially off of a 19 year old living with their parent.

I wanna say the person's name who helped me but for the sake of their privacy I wont. I was surprised when people said they charged them $1700+ I was being asked to give them $200

Product or Service Mentioned: Iuniverse Publishing Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Iuniverse Pros: Contact person.

Iuniverse Cons: Customer service, Force contract, Service is down hill after they get the sale rude conscending, Costs and fees.

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Hello, and thank you for notifying us of this. We are sorry to hear that this has happened.

The professionalism of our consultants is a matter that we take very seriously. Could we ask you to please let us know the name of the person who contacted you?

Please email us at We appreciate you informing us of this.


Best of the Worst, reviews ;-) Thanks for the warning!

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