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Seriously, they are the worst.

I'll keep this short.

I was conned and lied to into using them. Immediately after payments, I was transferred to other representatives that don't seem to know a thing about publishing.

I read more reviews, all that said what I'm about to say.

Based on the reviews, I decided to cancel my order. I was then passed around, put on hold, and lied to as they tried to con me back into sticking with them. After HOURS of waiting, they finally got someone on the line. Earl was his name, and he tried to play the sellers game with me. I was very clear that I wanted a refund.

He said it was on its way, and it would take a few months.

I called the next week (today), and just found out my account was on hold, NOT refunded.


I am so glad I'm jumping ship before I started working with them. Still don't have my refund.


Product or Service Mentioned: Iuniverse Publishing Service.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Iuniverse Cons: Force contract, Customer service, Poor communicaiton, Costs and fees.

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If you used a credit/debit card or Pay Pal see if you can file a complaint and get the money refunded directly from your financial institution. Good luck!

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