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These people can't get anything right! When I first got the book published, I sat up through the night editing everything because they promised me delivery in time for Christmas if I submitted the finished manuscript by a certain date. I got it in in time. I received my copies in mid January. They had also told me that my cover drawing would be made to look professional on the cover. HA! They just copied and pasted the picture on the... Read more

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I published with Iuniverse and after several years of "no Sales therefore no Royalties".. although I was asked many times to "Sign" a physical copy of the non sold book! I pursued Iuniverse and never received a firm response to my issues. Finally, in 2015 I withdrew my book from Distribution including via any third parties like Amazon or B&N. Iuniverse confirmed via e-mail the "Stop" was in place... Now greater than one year later my... Read more

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I published my first book with I Universe. The process was ok but expensive. Now, 5 years later, they are not tracking any sales and I'm getting no royalties. I know that I've sold several books since 2015. They continue to contact me to put in more money for promotion, film, book fairs etc. There is no way i'll ever be able to break even with book sales, especially if they aren't tracking my sales. I am tempted to have a few friends buy the... Read more

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I amBarbara Sher Tinsley. I have found myself locked out of my royalty records and sales records,too.I keep getting new passwords,but never succeed in viewing my sales. I know for a fact that 10 copies of my book sold many months ago but were never recorded. I asked for a photo copy of my sales and what I received was a micro-mini transcript unreadable even with magnifying glass. The l0 copies appear missing! Though told that a quarter... Read more

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I published with iUniverse in 2004. It is my opinion that they very well might withhold royalties. As it is, they do not pay them until 2 months after the applicable quarter ends, so I get my Jan--March royalties in June, etc. They do not even post sales until months after they are made, despite the fact that their website says otherwise. I purchased a marketing package from them that sold NO copies; I'm not even sure they sent the marketing... Read more

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I self-published a professional book nearly one year ago with iUniverse. The preparations process was fairly straight forward and I had no real problems with it. However, as soon as the final document was sent the problems began. After spending $3,469 I received my 10 books. First, almost immediately I began receiving marketing calls from iUniverse to "buy" marketing services. iUniverse takes 85% of every sale yet they want me to pay for the... Read more

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iUniverse is the worst publisher ever. I couldn't be more unhappy with them. The people you have to interact with sound like they have no education whatsoever. It takes an eternity to get royalty information. I have 2 more books out this year and couldn't sign with another publisher fast enough to get away from this mess and embarrassment of a company.Horrible. Fooled me into some expensive marketing package that cost $1500 per month. Royalties... Read more

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Horrible. Fooled my Aunt into some expensive marketing package that cost $500 per month. Royalties were only $20 per month. Impossible to cancel.

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This is the second complaint with this company. On Friday, I'm going to complain on social media and let everyone know how bad this company and Author House really is. If this company does not believe in your book then it will take forever to get it published. I have wasted 11 months of my time and money. I have mentioned I would prefer being contacted by telephone numerous times, but they insist e-mailing me instead. Parts of my book were lost... Read more

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In defense of iUniverse I have published with them five times before since 2005. I was working on getting another two manuscripts completed and decided to jump ahead of myself and get the contract with iUniverse going just to push me to finish my books. With the contracts already to go I had an accident that caused me spinal cord issues, 5 major surgeries and the problems became overwhelming with my spine and nerve damage. My hands didn't work... Read more

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