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I published with iUniverse in 2004. It is my opinion that they very well might withhold royalties. As it is, they do not pay them until 2 months after the applicable quarter ends, so I get my Jan--March royalties in June, etc. They do not even post sales until months after they are made, despite the fact that their website says otherwise. I purchased a marketing package from them that sold NO copies; I'm not even sure they sent the marketing... Read more

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I self-published a professional book nearly one year ago with iUniverse. The preparations process was fairly straight forward and I had no real problems with it. However, as soon as the final document was sent the problems began. After spending $3,469 I received my 10 books. First, almost immediately I began receiving marketing calls from iUniverse to "buy" marketing services. iUniverse takes 85% of every sale yet they want me to pay for the... Read more

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iUniverse is the worst publisher ever. I couldn't be more unhappy with them. The people you have to interact with sound like they have no education whatsoever. It takes an eternity to get royalty information. I have 2 more books out this year and couldn't sign with another publisher fast enough to get away from this mess and embarrassment of a company.Horrible. Fooled me into some expensive marketing package that cost $1500 per month. Royalties... Read more

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Horrible. Fooled my Aunt into some expensive marketing package that cost $500 per month. Royalties were only $20 per month. Impossible to cancel. Add comment

This is the second complaint with this company. On Friday, I'm going to complain on social media and let everyone know how bad this company and Author House really is. If this company does not believe in your book then it will take forever to get it published. I have wasted 11 months of my time and money. I have mentioned I would prefer being contacted by telephone numerous times, but they insist e-mailing me instead. Parts of my book were lost... Read more

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In defense of iUniverse I have published with them five times before since 2005. I was working on getting another two manuscripts completed and decided to jump ahead of myself and get the contract with iUniverse going just to push me to finish my books. With the contracts already to go I had an accident that caused me spinal cord issues, 5 major surgeries and the problems became overwhelming with my spine and nerve damage. My hands didn't work... Read more

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IUniverse...a professional relationship with excellent results
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Abbott Press published my first book, 'The President's Weapon'. There was an issue with the printing that they corrected to my satisfaction. For my second book, 'Dead Water', I was bumped up to iUniverse. Though probably 4 to 6 weeks out before release, my experience with iUniverse has not only been professional, but enjoyable. They have patiently explained all my questions (and I ask a LOT), have never pressured me, when I have to leave a... Read more

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  • Dec 29, 2015
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They failed to put in the design back cover of the book.They failed to make correction of errors, and wanted to charge me $500 to correct. They then called me to pay them $500 to take 10 of my $11books to the book fair. Told him I refuse to give him money to pay for his vacation to Florida!!! Add comment

Iuniverse/Author Solutions is designed and set up to fraud you. They are set up in several layers and say one department does not know what the other is doing which of course is not true. As I told customer service spokesperson Dianne Rose, everyone is responsible for the things you do in the company name. She tried to say its this department fault and not hers. But its all set up to try to say its someone else fault. Its designed like that.... Read more

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I am ashamed to have gotten taken by Iuniverse. They used to be a reputable company. I had purchased and produced three books with them before they were bought. They used to be a good an reputable company who I referred to several people. They took my money and said they would produce my book. They asked me to change the cover I did. They provided me a new cover with the controversial cover included. But they stole my money and refuse to give me... Read more

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